About Me

Hello! My name is Em. I’m 30. I live with my partner and our three cats in a ridiculous eccentric house in South Yorkshire.

I’ve been ‘blogging’ now for over 15 years; initially ‘live journaling’ then ‘street teaming’ and other such terms to describe the blossoming of this culture we now know as blogging. I started out writing ‘thinkpieces’ as a teen on now-defunct sites such as mykindaplace, meeting up and making lifelong friends through street-teaming with companies such as Traffic, then heading on to various journalistic endeavours – along the way i always found time to overshare in online blogs and print zines.

I’m proud to be a working class northern lass who’s battled adversity, survived some gnarly shit but never given up or let it hold me back. My Nan’s boyfriend nicknamed me Margaret Thatcher when i was a kid because he said ‘one day she’ll bloody end up running this country.’ All negative connotations of Maggers aside, i took that as him seeing in me a bold spirit, one who is fierce, determined and wouldn’t take any shit. For that he had it bang on.

By 2004, i became the first of my family to go to uni, in 2006 i began running monthly riot grrrl and DIY culture events in Sheffield under the name Lola and the Cartwheels, in 2007 i was djing regularly under the (not at all embarrassing now) name Ms Ova Ree, in 2008 i put out my first zine The World’s A Mess and Yr My Only Curein 2009 i toured the UK & Europe with Sister Spit: The Next Generation reading aloud my non-fiction writing and in 2011 i eventually set up my own business – Getbusy Store; aged 24. With nothing handed to me or even a line of support, i took it upon myself early on to work as hard as i could to make things happen – you only live once right and i wanted to get out there and experience everything life had to offer; no matter my background, battles or anxieties.

In 2014 i experienced a huge blow – after 3 years in business working my ass off and representing as a working class woman in business, after gaining full enterprise grants and the support of my hometown for funding and coaching – the pressures of running a small business in this financial climate took it’s toll. The store closed and i was forced to go bankrupt. Cue some shitty and VERY REAL years to follow. You can read about that time in my life and how i made it through in the Get Real Series on this blog.

Now, 2 years on – i’m rebuilding my life. All those years of blogging, digital marketing, basic HTML to have an awesome myspace profile, PR, brand building, ecommerce, writing for multi-audience and ya know, life experience led me to becoming a major digital nerd – consulting, freelancing and working in-house as the Digital Lead for Nouveau Lashes. In the last year i received a Best Use of Social Media nomination at The Guild of Beauty Therapists Awards, was asked to appear on the judging panel and also speak on the stage at the Beauty Blogger Awards 2016 detailing the work i’d done setting up our blogger outreach network #lashgangI also worked towards registering Nouveau Lashes with the Vegan Society; possibly my proudest work achievement to date – achieving full vegan status by mid 2016. In digital i’ve found my area, i love the challenge, i love the fast pace and i love meeting so many awesome entrepreneurial and driven women in the beauty industry and blogging culture. I’m also super proud to represent #womenintech.

Outside work, i put out my first ever full perzine Get Real in early 2016 and was also published for the first time in a book with my story ‘Having a Truth‘ appearing in Gut Flora; a collection of excellent work curated by Synchronise Witches Press / The Chapess Zine. I also continue to co-run Poor Lass, a collective zine about working class life with my friend Seleena Laverne Daye.

This blog is a safe place for me to share my story, my writing, my how-to’s from experiences along the way, my passions and a very real discussion into the difficult things i’ve had to overcome.

It’s a blog about survival, positive mental attitude and making my voice heard.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

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